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This approach has already been used in previous documents from Sego obstetricia. The aim of this paper was to review current scientific knowledge, and, accordingly, develop a set of recommendations regarding antiretroviral therapy ARTregarding the health of the mother, and from the perspective of minimizing mother-to-child transmission MTCTalso taking into account the rest of sego obstetricia health care of pregnant women with HIV infection.

We also discuss and evaluate other strategies to reduce the MTCT elective Cesarean, child's treatment…and different aspects of the topic ARV regimens, their toxicity, monitoring during pregnancy and postpartum, etc.


In patients with a moderate risk of thrombosis and with the exception of procedures with a low bleeding riskdiscontinue the P2Y12 inhibitor 3 to 7 days before the procedure as follows: If this is low, we recommend not stopping DAPT. Cases of moderate-to-severe sego obstetricia are more controversial and we therefore recommend evaluating patients on sego obstetricia case-by-case basis within a multidisciplinary team.

Sociedad Española de Ginecología y Obstetricia [WorldCat Identities]

In general, it is important not to stop DAPT in the 30 days after the index event for which it was prescribed. Unlike the case of anticoagulation, there are few publications and little clinical experience with sego obstetricia use of bridging therapy in patients on sego obstetricia therapy.


It sego obstetricia a common mistake to consider heparin in this sego obstetricia, as heparin can increase platelet reactivity and have the opposite effect to that desired.

The trial, however, was designed to study platelet reactivity and not thrombotic or bleeding events, and therefore the findings should be interpreted with caution.


Furthermore, the perioperative use of cangrelor has not yet been approved. For the moment, the drug is only indicated for PCIs. Accordingly, and considering the little evidence available for bridging therapy in patients on antiplatelet therapy, we recommend restricting its use to patients with a high thrombotic risk essentially patients receiving DAPT for an event that occurred in the previous sego obstetricia days who are scheduled for sego obstetricia unpostponable sego obstetricia or procedure with a moderate to severe risk of bleeding.

The risk-benefit relationship in such cases should be analyzed on a case-by-case basis by a multidisciplinary team. The recommended doses are 0.

A loading dose is not required. The main objective in the management of HIV-infected pregnant women is prevention of mother-to-child transmission; therefore, it is essential to provide sego obstetricia antiretroviral treatment, regardless of CD4 sego obstetricia.

All pregnant women must receive adequate information and undergo HIV serology testing at the first visit. Four panel members acted as coordinators.

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