Slakes limbo was an awesome boook and was very detailed and had realistic problems such as This is what happens in Slake's Limbo By Felice Holman. By Irma S. Rombauer, Marion Rombauer Becker, and Ethan Becker. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. By Samin Nosrat. By Samin Nosrat. Baking All Year Round. slakes LIMBO ANOTHER ENDING SUMMARY I would recommend this book to my friends because it wasn't great but it was good. The first part.


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Slake's Limbo - Wikipedia

Slake is a survivor, in every sense of the word. A beautifully written account of how complete strangers can have such a strong impact slake s limbo each other's lives, even if their lives only touch for a moment. So he goes underground, into the tunnels of the NYC subway system.

There he hawks secondhand newspapers, befriends a hungry rodent, and finds a few benefactors. Feb 23, nicole rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Recommended to nicole by: Jun 18, Maximilian Lee rated it liked it I kind of liked this book because I think it was very suspenseful, but was kind of weirdly worded.

It was suspenseful because it had lots of suspenseful moments, for example, when Slake took someone's coffee. slake s limbo

Slakes Limbo by Corey Denn on Prezi

There are also occasionally sections of the book entitled "On Another Track", about the parallel slake s limbo of a man named Willis Joe Whinny.

Willis Joe is a middle-class motor man who also has an internal dilemma.


He conducts trains with the depressing mindset that people are like sheep, lacking the empathy essential for psychological health. At the climax of the book, Willis Joe meets Slake and their paths coincide due to slake s limbo railway accident that was thought to have been caused by holes in the subway walls.


He is very upset. The concrete wall has fallen down.

Slake's Limbo Summary & Study Guide

The city must repair it immediately and it will take a long time. Finally, Slake returns to slake s limbo hideout, but he is depressed because his home will be taken away soon. He gets chills and a fever.

Slake holds up a sign that says STOP and faints. A train conductor picks him up off the tracks. Slake goes slake s limbo the hospital. He enjoys the meals, warmth and real bed, but he feels the loss of his home.

Jeered at in his surface life as a clumsy, worthless individual, Slake's subterranean solitary existence proves him to be clever, competent and creative.

Slake's Limbo

He learns to survive in the depths of the city and in the subway terminals for four months. When his hideaway is discovered and destroyed, both Slake and the reader are ready for life above ground. This is an inner city survival story which makes an interesting contrast to slake s limbo more usual wilderness survival stories.

The characters of Slake's world make an interesting study.

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