This extension of social marketing practice is termed within this thesis “organisation based social marketing” (OBSM). The fields of change management, internal. the' Movember' campaign,' which' is' a' social' marketing' campaign' focusing' .. This%thesis%will%describe%how%social%marketing%campaigns%can%. This Master's thesis investigates how homophobia can be addressed by social marketing, filling in a gap of scholarly knowledge in this field. Homophobia, a.


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Social responsibility towards customers refers to consumer rights, unfair pricing and ethics in advertising.


To cut a long story short: The extent to which a given company takes social responsibility is called corporate social responsibility. First signs of social marketing thesis responsibility emerged in the late nineteenth century.

These concerns resulted in first laws regulating fundamental business practices.

Rapid price increases, social marketing thesis and bank failures and widespread loss of jobs were the social marketing thesis consequences of the world economic crisis in People blamed the greed of business for this situation and asked for new laws protecting and guaranteeing the general welfare of society.

Disclosures about common unethical business practices and drug scandals put a lot of pressure on companies. Intellectuals and celebrities combined for the leadership of the social activism movement and related to business as a negative social force.


One of the most quoted persons in those times social marketing thesis the German philosopher Karl Marx, who social marketing thesis said: Although actions of the social activism movement seem to have disappeared, its spirit is still alive.

The question that rises out of this development is: Consumers first had to satisfy their physiological, safety and social needs. These movements put enormous pressure on business as a whole.

It was no longer possible for companies to ignore the subject of social responsibility. One could also say, there was a inevitable demand in this field which, according to economic basics, had to be supplied by business, although this meant lower social marketing thesis for the economy in the first place.


As the American catalog retailer L. Bean states it in its mission statement: Since both society and economy are dependent on each other and therefore interested in a common future, business is required to be involved in social marketing thesis this future which includes e.

Companies consequently contributing to the current and future well-being of its customers and the whole society founded the new marketing concept of societal marketing, which will be discussed in detail in the next chapter.

Societal marketing today As you could learn in the last chapter, the societal marketing concept is getting adopted by more and more companies. Social marketing thesis next chapter will show how small and big social marketing thesis currently deal with social responsibility, why and how they follow the philosophy of the societal marketing concept and what are the objectives and results, dangers and criticsisms of their engagements.

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The most social marketing thesis benefits will be summarized in the following key points. BSR is a US-based global resource for companies seeking to sustain their commercial success in ways that demonstrate respect for ethical values, and for people, communities and the environment.

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