I'm here in Indonesia on a Sosial Budaya Visa. I plan to head to Vietnam for a quick 3 day holiday in August (bought on an AirAsia sale a few  Applying for sosial budaya visa in San Francisco. It will be granted to conduct socio-culture activities (family gathering, education, sport, etc.) A Social Culture Visa could be extended in Indonesia and could be. It's been one year since I got my Kitas visa in Indonesia and today finds me If you're already in Indonesia, I would advise applying for a Social Budaya visa in either Is it true if the sosial budaya visa owner visit another country during the 6.


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By using The social-budaya visa, the holder sosial budaya indonesia required to leave the Indonesian territory when the given ninety days has pass, however it is highly advisable that the foreigner is leaving the Indonesian territory PRIOR the social-budaya visa is completely expired, this is in order to provide enough time to return to Indonesia by using the same visa and extend the visa from within the country and accelerate the extension process.

If you have not done anything illegally during your stay in Indonesia for example taking up employment and delivered all required documentation such as sosial budaya indonesia ticket and other required documents mentioned above when requesting the extension, there should not be any reason for immigration to reject the request.

You can visit the immigration division head at the local regional office in Indonesian: Kantor Wilayah to file a complaint. Make sure that - when you request to extend your visit visa - you visit the immigration office nearest to your temporary Indonesian address that was mentioned in the original visit visa application.

Social - Cultural Visas : VisaBali_com : Indonesia Immigration & Visa Information

Additional Information for Former Indonesians and Family Per Juneex-Indonesians those who were born Indonesian but later took citizenship of another country, usually for marriage and their family spouse and under-aged children can obtain a multiple sosial budaya indonesia five-year visit visa.

With this visa they can stay in Sosial budaya indonesia for an initial period of 60 days. Social Budaya The Social Budaya visa is the most popular visa for anyone who is planning to visit Indonesia for an extended period of time.

Unlike a Tourist Visa, the Social Budaya visa is valid for six months. Just to be clear, it is not a work visa and though many people do work while on a Social Budaya, it is actually illegal to sosial budaya indonesia this.


A Social Budaya can be used for doing voluntary work and visiting friends and relatives. Te visa is initially valid for a period of 60 days and can be extended four times — each subsequent visa sosial budaya indonesia valid for a period of 30 days — after that.

Once you have been in the country for six months, you will need to leave the country, but you can sosial budaya indonesia apply for another Social Budaya visa and return on the same day. It will be granted to conduct socio-culture activities family gathering, education, sport, etc.

With this visa you are not allowed to do business activities in Indonesia or to take up employment.

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