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About 15 volunteers compile Creative Commons-licensed writings by popular bloggers into ebook format using Pressbooks. Started infreetamilebooks. Each book gets downloaded at least times, but a few books have crossed the 1,00,download threshold. Shrinivasan, to tell us more tamil books in pdf format this compelling and successful project.

ECS Thailand - Video Present

What was the inspiration for the project? What was the need you perceived? Kindle was not supporting Tamil. Many Tamil-speaking Kindle owners are longing for Tamil ebooks.

Best Tamil Books for Free - PDF Drive

I realized that we can share content that is licensed under Creative Commons with anyone, and there were many bloggers who produced blogs under the Creative Commons license.

I created ebooks from their blogs and shared with friends. When I found Pressbooks. How many volunteers are tamil books in pdf format in the project and how do you mobilize a volunteer force for a project like this?

I created and released around 30 ebooks on my own. Slowly, we built a team of volunteers who take diverse roles like ebook creation, ebook cover design and outreach. All the decisions are transparently discussed and archived in our dev portal.

This helps to build trust among volunteers and gives them credit for their work.

Project Distributes Hundreds of Free Ebooks in Tamil Language

Our years of experience building communities in the Wikipedia and free and open-source software tamil books in pdf format helped to create this system, and we are very proud of it.

In fact, we value this system more than the number of ebooks we release. Initially, we made ebooks from blogs that were already released in Creative Commons tamil books in pdf format. Then, we wrote to other bloggers to release their content under a Creative Commons license.

After seeing the reception the ebooks got on the site, many bloggers agreed to let us use their content. We have split the entire workflow into various tasks.


Each volunteer does a specific task. Our typical ebook creation workflow is as follows. Volunteers compile a list of articles and contact writers for tamil books in pdf format to compile these into an ebook. Once the author gives permission, the details are updated in http: Our graphic design volunteer creates a cover image and updates in dev site.

The ebook creation volunteer copies the content and pastes it into Pressbooks. They then publish the files in these formats on the FreeTamilEbooks. Ebook evangelists spread word of the ebook releases in social media groups and mailing lists.

Each role is played by one or two volunteers based on their availability. The Free Tamil Ebooks volunteers The tamil books in pdf format ebook creation process in well documented.


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