Colleena-Sue: ​The Knife Thrower's Daughter. Many children grow up happily in the circus but what if the act itself is intrinsically violent and you the child are its. She also fell in love with the knife thrower's daughter. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - [Santana L., Brittany P.] [Mercedes J., Sam E.]. Fic: The Knife Thrower's Daughter: Chapter Nine (Part I): "Full Moon on a Sunday Night"


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For the first time since he met Santana at the depot in Omaha one week ago, Puck wears work clothes rather than his gypsy costume.

Soap lather coats his chin, and the rest of his face appears recently washed and mostly shaven. He holds a razor an inch away from his right cheek and sports his devilish smirk. Bright summer daylight pours into the tent through the open the knife thrower daughter behind him.

It must be at least six or seven o'clock in the morning already.

The knife throwers daughter

It means we stay in town, don't take the train, do chores the knife thrower daughter camp, rest, and don't put on any shows. Sadly, Ken roped me into fixing a bum wagon axel on my down day 'cause he can't trust Finn to do it by himself, but you ought to enjoy yourself—make the most of your free time.

Puck rolls the knife thrower daughter eyes at her. It means you can do whatever you like for the next few hours, as long as Ma Jones and Theresa Schuester don't need you for anything.

You best make the most of it.

Kelly Quindlen • Fic: The Knife Thrower's Daughter: Chapter Nine

I'd suggest you start with getting yourself some breakfast before Ma locks the kitchen up tight. He cleans his razor on his handkerchief—Santana wonders if it's the only towel he owns—and runs his palm over his mouth, checking for stray lather.

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Finding none, he picks up his little clear aftershave bottle from atop the overturned vegetable crate and distributes a drop of it between his palms, the knife thrower daughter it against his cheeks, wincing at the burn. The strong, aseptic scent of alcohol and menthol fills the tent.


After Puck replaces the stopper on the bottle, he reaches for his hat, perched on the stool in the corner, and sets it on his head. Santana sits upright on the cot the knife thrower daughter straightens her skirt. Brittany appears between the tent flaps, carrying a breakfast dish in one hand and an aluminum cup in the knife thrower daughter other, looking lively and just as pleased as can be to find Santana awake and sitting up on her cot.

The Knife Thrower and Other Stories

Though Santana still feels as though something eludes her—what is it she can't seem to remember for her life? She's decided upon some new rules for herself—mainly that she mustn't the knife thrower daughter Brittany as fiercely as she might like to do—but, beyond that, she doesn't intend to change the way that she and Brittany keep each other's company or the knife thrower daughter question her love for Brittany anymore in itself.

The fact is that for whatever the reason, Santana Lopez loves Brittany Pierce, and perhaps she always will. Her love for Brittany seems somehow inevitable, never mind what it means, and especially not when Brittany brings her hotcakes and coffee in bed.

The knife throwers daughter | Tumblr

The instant The knife thrower daughter sits, Santana breathes her in, and Santana's body tunes to Brittany, like an orchestra finding the first note to a symphony.

Beneath the salt-sweet eggs and the molten, earthy coffee waft, Brittany smells like summer wind, sunburned skin, apple, and that inimitable Brittany some-such that livens Santana in an instant.


The girls' knees bump together, and the cot dips beneath their combined weights. Brittany steadies the breakfast plate on her lap but then furrows her the knife thrower daughter at it, apparently noticing something amiss. Today, it doesn't feel like a tragedy to think it.

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