The Ten Commandments guide us in making choices and help us to live a Catholic Basics; Catholic Beliefs and Practices; The Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments are the fundamental Jewish and Christian moral law. This is the Catholic version of the Ten Commandments, with. 1. I am the Lord your God; you shall not have strange gods before Me. 2. You shall not take the Name of the Lord your God in vain. 3. Remember to keep holy the.


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The Ten Commandments and Catholicism have been bound together since the time of Christ.

Catechism of the Catholic Church - The Ten Commandments

The Catechism refers to this in item This and much worse was very common in the Dark Ages by the Catholic Church. We also respectfully disagree with this previous quote as God and our Saviour are not liars.

The following three quotes state what the Catholic Church says should be done to heretics. Again, if you feel this is acceptable, please do not contact us, as this can the ten commandments catholic be described as totally unbiblical, evil and from the devil himself and there is nothing further we can do other than pray for those who believe this is or was the ten commandments catholic.

In our age, the right to inflict the severest penalties, even death, belongs the ten commandments catholic the church. There is no graver offense than heresy, therefore it must be rooted out.

This final quote says Catholics should follow the Pope even if he were Satan himself. Again, I just simply cannot agree with this.


Evil should never be worshipped and nor should any man on earth be worshipped as this is a form of idolatry in itself. Only the God head is worthy of worship according to the Bible. He who rebels against our Father is condemned to death, for that which we do to him we do to Christ: I know very well that many defend themselves by boasting: Catherine the ten commandments catholic Siena, SCS, p.

Roman Catholic Ten Commandments

Please don't be angry or condemn us for these unbiblical quotes above, as they were NOT written by us but by the Catholic Church. Most Catholics are unaware of these things the ten commandments catholic they are not spoken of or taught.

The facts about the millions that the Church tortured and murdered are also not our thoughts or opinion, they are a matter of historical record which can be found in thousands of history books.

Please don't send condemning the ten commandments catholic to us because the Bible, the ten commandments catholic history books and all the early Protestants recognised and acknowledged that the Catholic Church was the antichrist beast power described in Daniel 7 and Revelation Again these are not our thoughts.

Please note that the term beast in the Bible does not mean beast as in beastly. The Ten Commandments and Catholicism have been bound together since the time of Christ.


The Catechism refers to this in item By doing God's will, any person can become part of the universal family of The ten commandments catholic. The Catechism specifies "duties of citizens and nations", which Kreeft summarizes as: It is crucially important that all the faithful should be convinced that they cannot live their faith or share fully in the life of the Christian community unless they take part regularly in the Sunday Eucharistic assembly.

It strengthens generational relationships, makes explicit the connection the ten commandments catholic family order and societal stability, and reveals that the family is "both willed and protected by God.

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