Flourish Trimline Canopy Tent 10' x 10' in Excellent Condition 1 - 54 Blackout Awning, 2 - 7' Awning Zipper Strips, 1 - Center Zipper  I might be interested but it depends how far south you are.  More. A popular competitor of ours, TrimLine is produced by a company called Flourish. It has been producing art canopies since and the TrimLine since Check Out The TrimLine! The TrimLine has many features that make it superior in function and reliability to the Craft Hut. Also, TrimLine Canopies are offered at.


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Click-together galvanized steel pipe and self-straightening PVC rafters.

My Trimline Canopy

Snap-buttons and thumbscrews connections. The top and sidewalls of the TrimLine canopy are Certified Flame Resistant and every product trimline canopy a Flame Resistance Certification sewn into the binding, as well as a paper document.

Cross spikes through feet to create a secure anchor. The lightest, most compact professional display walls available! The back corners, back wall, and right side wall never moved. Many others lost much lighter tents. Trimline canopy learned a lesson that Since that time, and whenever I can, I use the stakes in combination with the weights.

trimline canopy


Trimline canopy say never, but I feel confident it will take a very high, sustained wind to take this tent down. Visual Comparison after High Winds The below picture shows my Trimline trimline canopy at a two-day art fair, this being Sunday morning same show, just different year than mentioned above.

Strong mph winds blew through the night. Everything has remained as set-up.


Hanging artwork is easy! A simple and effective trimline canopy using a full set of MeshPanels plus table covers with bright color accents to highlight the artwork. Awnings protect work hung on the outsides of the panels and a LightBar supports plenty of trimline canopy for evening hours.

A pop of color comes from the drapery at the back of the booth.

TrimLine Canopy

Full-width MeshPanels easily support the weight of these stained glass pieces. Pay attention trimline canopy the Denier number of the tent top with the higher the Denier number, the better.


A denier top of should be the least you should purchase with a denier trimline canopy orbeing better. Do not purchase a tent that does not list the denier number or at least call the manufacturer or retailer and ask first.

Since shipping is expensive, compare prices based on the total tent and shipping costs since some stores include shipping in the trimline canopy.

My Trimline Canopy

If you are new to tents or setting up tents, the following short videos trimline canopy be very helpful. When you put up your tent for trimline canopy first few times, you will probably need someone to help you.

You will eventually be able to do it by yourself. Two short video instruction on how to set up 10 x 10 art show tents:

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