N J Wildberger. I am an Associate Professor in mathematics at UNSW (University of New South Wales) in Sydney Australia. Contact: School of Maths UNSW. Divine Proportions is not a textbook designed for a wide audience. I found Wildberger's Universal Geometry, especially when applied to finite. Rational trigonometry is a proposed reformulation of metrical planar and solid geometries (which includes trigonometry) by Canadian mathematician Norman J. Wildberger, The book Divine Proportions shows the application of calculus using rational trigonometric functions, including three-dimensional volume calculations.


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It would not be surprising if some of its methods ultimately seep into the standard development of these subjects. However, unless there is an unexpected shift in the accepted views of the foundations of mathematics, there is not a strong case for rational trigonometry wildberger divine proportions replace the classical theory" wildberger divine proportions New Scientist 's Amanda Gefter described the approach of Wildberger as an example of finitism.

Concerning pedagogy, and whether the quadratic quantities introduced by rational trigonometry offered real benefits over traditional learning of the subject, the author made further observations that classical trigonometry was not based on use of Taylor series to approximate angles, but rather on measurements of chord twice the sine of an angleand so with a proper understanding students could reap advantages from continued use of linear measurement without the claimed logical inconsistencies when circular parametrization by angle is subsequently introduced.

Rational trigonometry - Wikipedia

New areas of research Divine Proportions: Rational Trigonometry to Universal Geometry opens up new areas of research not only in Wildberger divine proportions geometry, but also in algebraic geometry, wildberger divine proportions theory, combinatorics, sprecial functions, Lie theory and non-Euclidean geometries.

It proposes a return to the classical algebraic geometry of Fermat, Newton, Euler and their contemporaries, where metrical aspects are encoded in the algebraic concepts of quadrance and spread.


Opportunities for mathematics education Trigonometry has for centuries been difficult for students to wildberger divine proportions.

Part of the reason is that the foundations of the subject are problematic, relying on vague pictorial definitions of the key concepts of angles and trigonometric functions. That means students rarely come to grips with the logical structure of the theory.

Rational trigonometry is much simpler, relying on the fundamental quadratic notions wildberger divine proportions quadrance and spread, and with basic laws that can be derived completely rigorously using only elementary algebra.

It shows how to replace transcendental trig wildberger divine proportions with high school arithmetic and algebra to dramatically simplify the subject, increase accuracy in practical problems, and allow metrical geometry to be systematically developed over a general field.

This new theory brings toget This revolutionary book establishes new foundations for trigonometry and Euclidean geometry.

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