Olga Amelkina-Vera, Valerie Hartzell, and Lynn McGrath, Guitar Trio - I. Zambra, From Danzas Gitanas, Op. 55, Joaquin Turina, Arr. Valerie Hartzell. $ Check out Cinco Danzas Gitanas: Zambra (Turina) by José Cubiles on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Joaquín Turina was one of a group of twentieth-century composers, the others . pieces (the subtle quotation of the first piece, Zambra, in the last, Sacromonte.


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Piano Zambra turina 1 Danzas fantasticas Danzas gitanas Danzas andaluzas Joaquin Turina was one of a group of twentieth-centurycomposers, the others being de Falla, Albeniz, Granadosand Mompou, who made an outstanding contribution toSpanish piano repertoire.

The Royal Classica Orchestra - Danzas Gitanas "Zambra" - Turina - Listen on Deezer

Unlike his four compatriots,however, committed to the development of Spanishmusical nationalism, Turina created his own personalmusical world.

Like the painter Joaquin Sorolla, whoselight-filled works took their inspiration from local scenes,Turina borrowed and reworked traditional elements inorchestral works such as Sinfonia sevillana and Laprocesion del Rocio, armed with the rigorous technicalcommand zambra turina at the conservative Paris ScholaCantorum, under Moritz Moszkowski and Vincentd'Indy, while making use of his own notable talents as apianist.

Yet Turina was morethan a conservative composer and supporter of Franco hereceived various honours from the regime, which heopenly supported from to his death ; he was an artistof fertile inspiration, the creator of a large number ofskilfully constructed works, the best of which are for hispreferred instrument, zambra turina piano.

Almost all Turina's piano works, of which there areover a hundred, are short, almost miniature pieces, few ofthem more than five minutes long.


Turina himselfexplained this as follows: Falla thought the same and, not zambra turina weighed down byany foreign criteria, we have been able to take differentpaths'.

As a proud Andalusian, Turina openly zambra turina thelocal inspiration behind his work: I have been able to move freely within thembecause of my in-depth Schola training'.

His descriptivemusic, however, renounces specific programmes andformal discipline. He himself stated, 'I want to sing oflove and sadness, searching out that little corner of theAndalusian zambra turina that looks out zambra turina the wider world; I havelived part of my life dreaming, because I as a musicianlove melody.

There, tragedy loses its heart-rending edge,dance becomes purer and wine is only perfume. I cannotsit at the piano with a transcendental melody.

Zambra, for piano (Danzas gitanas, Set 1, No. 1), Op. 55/1

I sing whatpleases me and I feel a response. Zambra turina listening reveals these to be some of zambra turina, most representative and certainly most inspiredpiano works to come out of Spain in the twentiethcentury. Turina's legitimate conservatism should nolonger detract from our enjoyment of works whose aimwas to sing to us from Andalusia of 'love and sadness'.

The Danzas fantasticas, Op. They wereoriginally conceived for piano, although it has often beenasserted that this is one of the rare cases in which theorchestral version predates the piano work.

Zambra turina errorstems from the fact zambra turina the piano version's premi? Turina himself setthe record straight: It later occurred to me to orchestratethem Turina's words were part of a speech given zambra turina Havanaon 31st March,entitled How a work is created, thepenultimate of seven different talks he gave on variousmusical subjects at the Hispanic-Cuban Institute ofCulture.

There he discussed the intricacies of thecompositional process, taking the Danzas fantasticas asan example; he explained that 'their epigraphs come froma novel: La orgia, by Jose Mas; this zambra turina not mean thatthe literary theme has anything to do with the music.

Thethree epigraphs simply relate in some way to the musicaland, in a way, the choreographic essence of the threedances. zambra turina


They are states of mind expressed in rhythm, inaccordance zambra turina the eternal law of contrast'. At this conference in Havana Turina went intoconsiderable detail about the gestation of the Danzas andtheir literary and descriptive connotations.

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But we have to lookat the third dance, which shares its name with the novel,Orgia, and is a kind of hymn to manzanilla, the perfumedwine of Zambra turina The Tres danzas andaluzas, Op. These three miniatures are based onthe traditional rhythms of the petenera, tango andzapateado, and are dedicated respectively to ManuelHerrera, Eduardo Torres and 'Senorita Laura Zambra turina Albeniz's oldest daughter, who had died three yearsearlier.

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