Find out all of the information about the Ziehm Imaging product: mobile C-arm / with video column Ziehm Vision R. Contact a supplier or the parent company. Ziehm Vision R achieves highest image quality at lowest possible dose. The powerful monoblock generator with rotating anode delivers up to 20 kW power. Ziehm Vision R. Equipped with a rotating anode embedded into a powerful monoblock generator, this C-arm achieves highest image quality at lowest possible.


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Short, sharp pulses at up to 30 pulses per second produce crystal-clear images — even of moving objects.

In addition, Ziehm Vision R delivers excellent results during exposures ziehm vision r steep angles and lateral projections. Optimal Visualization The high resolution CCD camera, which enables anatomic visualization in a high dynamic range, is a key component in the imaging chain.

With 1 k x 1 k resolution and more than 4, shades of gray, it visualizes even the ziehm vision r anatomical structures.

This is extremely beneficial in demanding applications like interventional vascular or cardiac procedures. Thanks to automatic adjustment, the image is ziehm vision r of S-shaped and pincushion distortion. Even at a distance and from an angled view, these high resolution monitors provide the physician with an optimal visualization of even the finest details.

Ziehm Vision R C-Arm System - Multi Surgical Solutions

PreMag For Ease of Magnification PreMag is a preview function that allows the operator to simulate the size of a magnified image before taking a second exposure.

Based on the first scan, the operator can precisely define the scan region and preview the results of magnifier 1 or 2 without any additional exposure for the patient.

Once the magnification has been adjusted the operator may make an exposure if required. Specially Ziehm vision r Organ Programs The number of ziehm vision r procedures in obese patients increases every year. In these cases penetration and image quality can be particularly challenging.


A perfect combination of innovative hardware and software components and specially tailored organ programs ensures the best possible image quality Smart Dose. This comprehensive concept for dose reduction allows the physician and staff to significantly reduce dose while optimizing image quality.

SmartDose benefits both patients and staff alike. Automatic Adjustment of Settings Ziehm Vision R ziehm vision r simplifies patient positioning and dose control.

Ziehm Vision R 23cm mobile C-arm image intensifier. fluoroscopy

With innovative thinking we deliver solutions that ziehm vision r focused on the care of patients and physicians needs. We continuously strive to improve the clinical workflow-accurate, fast and reliable.


By providing superior image quality we enabable new areas of clinical ziehm vision r. Ziehm Vision R 23cm; best for The Ziehm Vision R with 23cm is ideal for demanding applications that do not require a larger field of view.

Having a 23 cm imaging intensifier, the Ziehm Vision R would be ideal for, but not limited to, the ziehm vision r applications: The Ziehm Vision R is feature packed.

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